We aim to create a creative and motivating learning environment.

The instruction is designed to foster water familiarity at all ages and on all levels.


This should ensure that:

• Children can move freely in the water with natural ease.

• No one is afraid of water.

• Waves, splashes, falls, and the like are perceived as fun experiences.

• Children can move through the water in various ways.

• Children are motivated and prepared to progress to actual swimming lessons.


Once children are familiar with the water, the following benefits are achieved:

• Greater joy in swimming lessons.

• Improved technique.

• Faster learning to swim.

• Children move comfortably in the water, allowing them to swim longer.

• Those with a strong familiarity with water and good swimming technique may be selected for STT’s competitive team.


All our coaches are trained, with some being former competitive and/or elite swimmers.

All have completed a first aid course and passed the Basin Lifesaver Test (BLP).


As we have many swimmers and multiple groups, we have established set rules that everyone is expected to respect:


General Training:


• Arrive dressed 5 minutes before the lesson. Always be on time for a smooth training flow. • Always bring swimwear.

• Always bring:

• Towel

• Swim goggles

• Slippers

• Hair ties for girls with long hair

• Showering without swimwear is mandatory before the swimming lesson.

• Boys and girls aged 7 and above must use gender-specific changing rooms.

• Your good mood!


At STT, we focus on developing swimmers at a suitable pace.

It is important to note that learning to swim takes time.

A lot of time is dedicated to water acclimatization and comfort before becoming proficient.


Formal instruction in swimming styles begins on our Intermediate and Advanced levels. Before then, you will experience exercises building up to the swimmers getting ready to swim.



Occasional cancellations of lessons

May occur due to illness, inability to find substitute coaches, or technical issues at the swimming pool.

In such cases, we notify through email and mobile but do not provide financial compensation for cancellations.


Information about holidays and pool closure days can be found under the “Swimming School” tab.


For Parents:

To provide optimal instruction to your children, we encourage you to allow our coaches and assistant coaches to teach without parental presence in the swimming hall.

This can be achieved by sitting in the swimming hall’s cafe or visiting Cafe Stopuret on the opposite side while your swimmer is in class.


Please note that entering the water before your coach arrives and swimming before or after the lesson independently is not allowed.


Rules for Escort Bracelets:

All parents may purchase an escort bracelet for DKK 50 from the swimming pool, valid for the entire season.

The bracelet can only be used to assist your child through the changing area.

Does not grant access to sit in the hall and observe the lesson.

A bracelet must be purchased per person going through the changing area.


Photography in the Hall is NOT allowed!

All inquiries regarding membership registration, class transfers, withdrawal, feedback, and complaints should be sent to helle@sttsvoem.dk.